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WWF-Philippines' Workplace For Nature is a platform aimed to co-create purpose-driven partnerships for sustainable growth and conservation impact through employee engagement within and beyond the workplace.

The platform aims to strengthen company shared values and esprit de corps through learning sessions and volunteerism, enhance employees' awareness of environmental issues and concerns, and encourage proactive participation in building a sustainable, resilient, and protected future for all.

Collaborate with WWF to raise environmental awareness in your workplace by participating in high-value activities, learning sessions, and workshops to show that we can make quite a difference through our collective effort.

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The Food Shed Farming Enterprise embodies a comprehensive and sustainable approach to food production, incorporating environmentally friendly farming practices that aim to bolster the resilience of low-income communities in the face of climate change, particularly addressing challenges related to limited food access. It seeks to empower community residents by enhancing their capacity to adopt and leverage these advanced farming technologies, securing food and livelihoods.

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The Coastal Cleanup is a transformative activity for employee volunteers where they can immerse themselves in learning more about the different sources of litter, gaining insights into waste management, and creating a lasting impact by reshaping their awareness and behaviors. This activity aims to reduce marine debris, to strengthen company shared values and esprit de corps by providing an opportunity for employees to participate in environmental conservation activities, and to help reinforce action against plastic pollution – No Plastics in Nature Initiative – which intends to stop the flow of plastics entering nature by 2030.

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The Tree Planting project for Forests for Water encompasses rehabilitating and enhancing existing forests, extending beyond reforestation efforts in denuded areas. The project is committed to implementing a sustainable, long-term plan overseen by an effective management body. Further, the project aims to develop a sustainable watershed management plan, establish a proficient management body for micro-watersheds, reduction of erosion and siltation in these areas, augmentation of groundwater recharge, pollution mitigation through effective waste management, regular monitoring and evaluation of interventions, and the reforestation of depleted areas.

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The Dalaw Turo initiative plays a pivotal role in nurturing the development of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values, enabling individuals to make positive contributions to conservation efforts. The project's objectives encompass instilling environmental awareness among public school students, imparting practical and enduring solutions to environmental challenges, and providing comprehensive training to staff and volunteers to advocate for pressing environmental issues. Through these endeavors, the project aims to inspire a sense of responsibility and active participation in environmental stewardship among the youth.

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Panda Talks is an engaging live educational webinar designed to empower participants with knowledge and life skills related to contemporary conservation challenges. The webinar covers diverse topics, including Biodiversity and Conservation, Climate Change and Sustainable Lifestyle, Energy Efficiency and Conservation, Renewable Energy, Water Management, Plastic Pollution and Waste Management, and Food and Well-Being. Participants gain valuable insights and practical skills through these sessions to navigate and address pressing environmental issues.

Contribute to a meaningful cause by coordinating with your peers to support various conservation and livelihood programs of WWF, by leading peer-to-peer fundraising initiatives among your colleagues.


Make a difference by making your special occasions remarkable! Show your love and dedication to the planet by supporting WWF's various conservation programs and initiatives. Work with us to create a fundraising page where you can encourage your peers to join and contribute towards saving our planet.


Start your fundraising journey in three easy steps!
  1. Set up your campaign and a fundraising goal.
  2. Share your campaign with your colleagues.
  3. Track your campaign progress as it grows.

Everything starts with a collective action. Support a wide-array of WWF's environmental projects through monthly contributions that will enable us to continue our work in conserving and protecting the environment.


Encourage your employees to contribute to the vital work we do at WWF-Philippines! For every employee donation, the company will be matching the total amount to help in WWF's advocacies and conservation work. With our collective action, we can all make a difference.


Take the first step in creating an impact, and get the following:
  1. A free presentation for your employees that features WWF-Philippines conservation work
  2. One Panda Talks session