Makati City is the National Winner of WWF’s One Planet City Challenge 2024

June, 26 2024

Makati City has been selected as the National Winner of WWF’s One Planet City Challenge (OPCC) 2024 - the largest and longest-running climate challenge for cities in the world.
For the 2023-2024 cycle of the OPCC, 359 cities from 48 countries participated, of which 62 finalists were selected. In The Philippines, the cities of Makati, Baguio, and Tagum were the top 3 finalists based on their reported climate data.

The top finalists were measured against rigorous criteria that included: ambitious climate targets, ability to meet upcoming challenges, and whether the city has a holistic climate action plan and how closely it aligns with the city’s goals.

“Studies have shown that cities are among the biggest contributors of greenhouse gases and so it is also at the city level where solutions must come in the form of appropriate environmental policies and climate action plans,” Imee Bellen, WWF-Philippines OPC Project Manager said. 

“With its critical role as a financial district of Metro Manila, Makati City has strongly displayed the need for urban areas to signify its commitment to sustainable development and alignment to the Paris Agreement,” Bellen said.

Makati City – along with other shortlisted cities - was assessed by a jury of experts from a diverse range of organizations – from C40 to the African Development Bank to ICLEI and– chaired by WWF Cities lead Dr Jennifer Lenhart.

Makati, which has a population of around 630,000, has proven itself to be one of The Philippines’ most ambitious OPCC participants, exhibiting a clear commitment to urban climate action. OPCC-shortlisted cities serve as role models for educating and inspiring other cities to commit to and undertake meaningful and ambitious climate action.

Since its inception in 2011, the OPCC has been highlighting leading examples of climate mitigation and adaptation from cities around the world. This year’s jury was particularly impressed by the city’s visions and impact, as well as the 1.5 °C alignment for both 2030 and 2050 and tracking carbon emissions. The jury also lauded Makati City for its comprehensive and diverse climate actions with inclusive co-benefits.

The OPCC initiative encourages cities to develop ambitious climate targets and commitments in line with the targets of the Paris Agreement. This year showed that even more cities are participating and aligning their targets to limit global warming to 1.5 °C.

As a national winner, Makati is eligible to take part in WWF’s We Love Cities competition – open exclusively to OPCC finalists – where Makati’s public will be invited to vote, express their love for their city, and submit suggestions as to how their city can further improve their sustainability efforts.

We Love Cities will run for the month of October, ending on World Cities Day, 31 October, and the OPCC Global Winners will be announced in November 2024 in conjunction with the UN World Urban Forum in Cairo.  

Before the end of the year, a local awarding ceremony will be held for all the OPCC 2023-2024 participating Philippine cities as part of the project’s culminating activity, while city representatives of selected national finalists and winners will also be invited to a planned Asian/Southeast Asian OPCC Regional awarding ceremony.
Makati City Hall
© Makati City Government
Night skyline of the Makati City Central Business District
© Makati City Government
The Makati City skyline
© Makati City Government