Project City Coordinator

Project Site: Manila City, position to be based in WWF-Philippines Head Office

Period: January 1- December 30, 2024, with a maximum six-month probationary period

Reports to: Project Manager


The Project City Coordinator is responsible for the implementation of the planned field technical activities of the Plastic Smart Cities Project in the City of Manila. During the Project Inception Phase, the City Coordinator will lead the collection of data for the stakeholder analysis, mapping of Barangays with ordinances related to Solid Waste Management and existing operation model for solid waste management. The City Coordinator will also assist and coordinate with the City Government of Manila and Barangays in conducting different studies and research that will be led by the Project Technical Consultants. 

The City Coordinator ensures effective and timely reporting and liaises with appropriate local communities, Manila City Government and national line agencies, and relevant partners involved in project implementation. The Community Coordinator is the primary link between WWF-Philippines and the communities where the project are implemented. S/he is expected to establish and maintain smooth working relationships among partners, especially the City Government, barangay officials, community members, and other stakeholders.


  1. Assist and coordinate with the Manila City Government and Barangays in conducting different studies and research led by the Project Technical Consultants.
  2. Coordinate field activities, such as but not limited to, community training and workshops to ensure timely and effective implementation of work plans and targets.
  3. Build effective working relationships and facilitate the involvement and participation of the appropriate community stakeholders and other partners to support the program's implementation.
  4. Coordinate regularly with the Manila City Government, particularly with the Office of the Mayor, Department of Public Services, Barangay Bureau, Barangay Officials and other stakeholders, and all other relevant stakeholders and partners. 
  5. Assist the Project Manager in preparing field activities, financial plans, and timely reports on project progress. 
  6. Provide inputs in the preparation of information, education and communication materials, e.g. press releases and other IEC materials designed to raise awareness and build capacity of stakeholders whenever needed. 
  7. Assist in data collection for project monitoring using the Project Monitoring Platform. 
  8. Attend regular staff meetings and participate in regular planning and assessment meetings with staff vis-à-vis set plans. 
  9. Performs other tasks incidental to the duties and responsibilities of the position.


  1. Monthly Work Plan and accomplishment report
  2. Documentation of meetings and project activities
  3. Liquidation reports of all cash advances
  4. Itinerary or trip reports and relevant accomplishment reports on trips outside the site of assignment. 


  1. Internal: Within WWF-Philippines – Project Manager and interacts with other WWF field staff
  2. External: City Government, Barangay Officials, Consultants, community leaders, stakeholders, other NGOs


  1. Knowledge: Graduate degree in any of the Social Sciences or related fields
  2. Experience: At least two (2) years of experience in Community Mobilization and Solid Waste Management, particularly in plastic waste and Community Development works
  3. Skills and Abilities:
    1. Good in both oral and written communication in English and Tagalog
    2. Computer literate and know how to use MS Office
    3. Good-natured with excellent human relations skills
    4. Open-minded, willing to learn new methods and techniques, and must demonstrate the ability to think, make sound judgments, and deliver workable solutions
    5. The job entails staying within the community of the project site sometimes; thus, one should feel comfortable with the demands and nature of the job.


As an equal employment opportunity employer, WWF does not discriminate based on an applicant’s race, religion, sex, gender, or disability status. Submissions by mail will not be accepted to reduce the use of paper. Due to the high volume of applications, inquiries via phone cannot be accepted.

Interested applicants can email their CV with a cover letter to with the subject line: Project City Coordinator Plastic Smart Cities Manila [First name initial_Middle name initial_Full last name].