Finance and Administrative Assistant

Project Code: Financing and Integrating Renewable Energy Butuan 

Position Title: Finance and Administrative Assistant

Reports to: Finance Manager, Head Office, Project Manager

Area of Assignment: Butuan Field Office


Act as revolving fund custodian, ensure timely and efficient recording, delivery and  utilization of project funds in accordance with KKP Financial management systems, policies and  procedures, compliance to local laws, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and donor terms and conditions. Provide technical, finance and administrative support to the Program.  


A. Technical, Finance and Administrative Assistance 
Assists the Finance Manager in coordination with the Project Manager in the performance of her/his duties and responsibilities specifically in the preparation and submission of the project’s financial status and program reports, accomplishments and other related and relevant information required from the program.  

Specific duties include: 

  1. Receives all incoming documents such as; memos, request for payment and liquidations and all other  program documents.  
  2. Pre-audits requests for payment, petty cash and revolving funds replenishments; Ensure completeness of supporting documents before submitting to Finance Manager;  
  3. Prepares Payment/Check vouchers for approval of authorized approving officer. 
  4. Prepares the request for payments with appropriate cost center/activity codes for review of the  Finance Supervisor– Head Office and stamps paid all supporting documents. 
  5. Forwards PV/CV and replenishment summary to Project Manager for replenishment. Ensures that monthly cut-off (every 25th of each month) is met and/or observed. 
  6. Monitor balances/status of employees’ cash advances; monitor timely liquidations of staff cash advances. 
  7. Monitors cash position report of the project and prepare monthly bank reconciliation;  8.
  8. Facilitates bank transaction needs of the program. 
  9. Facilitates the release of checks and payments to suppliers, service providers, and staff. 
  10. Ensures that personnel requirements from the field office are complied with, such as contracts, pay slips, SSS, medical care, vacation leave and sick leave forms and time sheets are filed by concerned project staff and forwarded to HR HQ.  
  11. Ensures that requisition slips are properly filled-up and approved.
  12. Gathers canvas/quotations; Prepares summary of quotation/canvass for officers’ approval; Prepare  Purchase Order (PO) based on approved/ chosen supplier. 
  13. Prepares the inventory of supplies and equipment and regularly check that all these are in good  working order.  
  14. Facilitates payment of office utilities, rental, and other services. 
  15. Receives and records purchased items; proper delivery of goods to end-users;  
  16. Follows up condition of project equipment, need for repairs and maintain inventory report of  supplies and equipment;  
  17. Ensures the safety and security of office premises and equipment. 
  18. Timely filing of paid payment vouchers, journal vouchers with supporting documents and all other program documents. 
  19. Facilitates communication with Head Office and other offices that the project has to deal with 
B. Performs other duties that may be assigned by the Finance Manager-Head Office in coordination with  the Project Manager from time to time. 


  1. Revolving fund reconciliation and replenishment report. 
  2. Financial/Budget status reports and other relevant reports of the project. 
  3. Personnel records on file. 
  4. Constant coordination with HRD- Head Office 
  5. Updated Inventory Report. 
  6. Maintain copies of all articles about the project that were published in the newspaper and other publications. 
  7. Organize and maintain all project files in office/staff house properly: diskettes, cds, videotapes, books and other articles, etc. 
  8. Itinerary or trip reports and relevant accomplishment reports on trips outside Puerto Princesa. 


Internal: Maintain good working relationship with the KKP Staff, KKP officers, staff and consultants.

External: Establishes and maintains effective rapport with all agencies and offices that the project transacts with during project duration. ( i.e Consultants, Suppliers, Service Providers, Auditors. Project partners)


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