Finance and Administrative Assistant (FAA)

Project sites: Palawan Seascape - Cagayancillo-Tubbataha Seascape; Balabac Bataraza Marine Corridor; Primarily based in Puerto Princesa

Contract term: July 2024- July 2025 (subject to 5-month probationary period)

Cost Center: GRF-INSPIRE

Reports to: Palawan Finance and Administrative Officer


WWF-Philippines has been working as a national organization of the WWF network since 1997. As the 26th national organization in the network, WWF-Philippines has successfully implemented various conservation projects to help protect some of Asia's most biologically significant ecosystems.  WWF-Philippines works to improve Filipino lives by crafting solutions to climate change, providing sustainable livelihood programs, and conserving the country's richest marine and land habitats.


From March 2023 until February 2026, WWF Ph shall implement the Climate-Resilient Coastal &  Marine Ecosystems in Cagayancillo- a Project funded by the Gerry Roxas Foundation-USAID INSPIRE. The overall goal is to conserve marine biodiversity, effectively manage the natural ecosystems, and protect the natural capital for the well-being of surrounding communities. In three years, the project aims to improve the management of the 1 million-hectare- MPA in the municipality of Cagayancillo while enhancing the socioeconomic well-being of its people. This also features the Community Learning Innovation Hub, which serves as a governance platform for improved communication, policy formulation, partnerships, and collaboration at various scales. 

Building on the mangrove ecosystem restoration project from the EU Ocean Governance and EPSON, it aims to capacitate and support the operationalization of the established learning and innovation hubs (LIH) in the  Balabac-Bataraza marine corridor. The LIH consists of a network of government and private institutions whose common goal is to provide a wider and conducive space for collective learning and knowledge exchange, and a resource of innovative and sustainable conservation exemplars. In Bataraza, the Bataraza Learning and Innovation Hub (BLIH) is the umbrella platform responsible for the overall supervision and management of BLIH Buliluyan satellite CLIH, including the implementation of programs and services offered to the clientele. 

In carrying out its conservation work in the Sulu Sea, WWF owns and maintains a research vessel, MY  Navorca. It operates based on a Business Plan formulated in 2021 covering a timeframe of five years and may be updated to adapt to changes in the situation which affects its operation.


Ensure timely and efficient utilization, recording, and reporting of project funds in compliance with WWF-Philippines Financial management systems, policies and procedures, compliance to Philippine Financial Reporting Standards (PFRS) and donor terms and conditions. Provide technical, financial and administrative support to the assigned project.  

He/she supports the Project Manager in his/her duties and responsibilities, which include but are not limited to, the preparation and submission of the project’s financial status, program reports,  accomplishments, and other related and relevant information required from the program.


  1. Receives all incoming documents such as; memos, payment vouchers and liquidations, and all other project documents.  
  2. Validate the accuracy and compliance to the policy for all received requests for payments, cash advances and liquidations and ensure completeness of supporting documents before submission to the Bookkeeper.  
  3. Provide journal entries with appropriate cost centre/activity codes for review by the Bookkeeper.
  4. Monitor and ensure the employees’ cash advances are liquidated on time and following the company policy.
  5. Monitors cash position reports of the project.  
  6. Facilitates bank transaction needs of the project.  
  7. Facilitates the release of checks and payments to suppliers, service providers, and staff.
  8. Provide monthly budget vs actual report to the Project Manager in coordination with the Budget Officer and Bookkeeper.  
  9. Prepares requests for invoices as needed on the project receivables and submits requests to HQ.
  10. Ensures that personnel requirements from the field office are complied with, such as contracts, pay slips, SSS, medical care, vacation leave and sick leave forms and time sheets are filed by concerned project staff and forwarded to HR HQ.  
  11. Ensures that requisition slips are properly filled-up and approved.
  12. Gathers canvas/quotations and prepares summary of quotation/canvass for officers’ approval. Prepare purchase order (PO) based on approved/ chosen supplier.  
  13. Prepares the inventory of supplies and equipment and regularly check that all these are in good working order.  
  14. Facilitates payment of office utilities, rental, and other services.  
  15. Ensure that received purchased items are properly delivered and endorsed to the end-users. 
  16. Follows up on the condition of project equipment, and the need for repairs and maintains inventory reports of supplies and equipment.  
  17. Ensures the safety and security of office premises and equipment.  
  18. Timely filing of paid payment vouchers, journal vouchers with supporting documents and all other project documents.  
  19. Facilitates communication with the Head Office and other offices that the project has to deal with. 


  1. Financial/budget status reports, Donor reporting coordination and submission of supporting documents and other relevant project reports. 
  2. Personnel records on file.  
  3. Constant coordination with the Human Resources Head Office.  
  4. Update inventory report.  
  5. Organize and maintain all project files in the office properly: backup files in hard drive, and proper filing of project-related documents.
  6. Itinerary or trip reports and relevant accomplishment reports on trips outside the assignment site.
  7. Responsible in providing all necessary documents related to audit.


  1. Internal: Within WWF Philippines, administratively reports to the Palawan Finance and  Administrative Officer, closely coordinates with M/Y Navorca Business Manager and Project  Manager and functionally reports to the Finance and Administrative support group at the WWF Philippines HQ.  
  2. External: Consultants, donors, volunteers and other project partners.  


  1. Graduate of Bachelor’s degree in accountancy, commerce or any business-related course.
  2. At least two years of bookkeeping, cashiering, budgeting and admin-related work experience.
  3. Skills and abilities: Proficient in MS Office and Excel skills coupled with the ability to multi-task.
  4. Strong oral and written communication skills, especially in preparing business, technical reports and correspondence. Must have a good attitude towards work and adapt to new environments. Open-minded, willing to learn, and must demonstrate ability to think, make sound judgments, and deliver workable solutions.


As an equal employment opportunity employer, WWF does not discriminate based on an applicant’s race, religion, sex, gender, or disability status. To reduce paper use, submissions by mail will not be accepted. Due to the high volume of applications, inquiries via phone cannot be accepted.

Please email your CV and cover letter to